Support Contracts for Shipping

CompuForce’s main activity, is the support of any kind of shipping companies ranging from small to large sized installations, related to existing IT infrastructure. Our support plans offered, include computer room total support, company-wide IT support, Remote support plans, and Vessel remote and onboard attendance.


Vessel IT Support

Modern vessels’ equipment and Internet connectivity, has made vessel IT infrastructure a complicated environment for the officers and the crew. Also, in the view of IMO’s directives, cyber-security procedures have become an absolute necessity. Our specialized technicians, take up the initial installation and integration of satellite connections, to the vessel established IT environment, ensuring secure and fast data distribution across the vessels assigned activities.

We provide Remote support and vessels’ IT surveillance plans and Vessel attendance, remedies and installations.

Digital Security

Digital security involves the protection of a computer’s internet account and files from intrusion by an outside user / attacker. Here in Compuforce Ltd. we’re making sure that you’re provided with the resources employed to protect your online identity, data, and other assets from Malware, Phishing, SQL Injection Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Denial of Service (DoS), Session Hijacking, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Credential Reuse and all the other forms of cyber threats.


Customer Consulting

Our expertise and years of experience gives us the ability to advise our customers about either starting up a new enterprise or upgrading and incorporating the latest IT technological developments to their working environment. The goal is to aid them make the most out of the recent updates in the Information Technology domain. Developments in the field of Telecommunications, Network Security, Mobility and Productivity, are being encompassed in our proposals.

Linux Support

Our thirty years of experience in early Unix and, later, all Linux distributions support, gives the capacity to build and maintain complex Linux installations for specialized applications, as well as to rectify and solve security and integrity issues. As it is known, Linux is the underpinning of the most advanced computerized electronic devices.


Building IT Infrastructure


Our technical team, takes care upon your request in order to make all the current and future communication – network provisions to accommodate in your building / office, fast, secure and reliable network, video and security signal distribution. Outlining of fiber distribution across the building, is also part of our design criteria, provided the continuously increasing “need for speed” during the revolutionary technological era we’re going through.


Implementation and management of complex wired / wireless networks, through advanced network firewalling devices and policies. Provided a network today has to be a future proof communication highway, we design, build and supervise from the first installation stages upto the everyday occupation and secure traffic utilization.


Data Recovery

Provided storage mediums and devices are becoming larger in the course of time, including secure storage arrays and solid state disks’ technology, the occurrence of storage corruption or failure becomes a more frequent phenomenon with harmful data implications. Our company, using modern and up-to-date data recovery tools, achieves, in the maximum possible extent, salvage of your company’s data. In extreme cases of storage hardware failure, our well-trained associates, take matters in hand, enforced with the most contemporary, special tools and equipment.

Website & App Development

Design and content are essential elements of a successful website or mobile application. Your website is your digital home base; it will be conducting business for you 24 hours a day and reach all corners of the world. It is essentially the front door of your business, that’s why our team, using the latest and best web-developing tools, will make your web presence impressive, contemporary and appropriate for business inquiries. Special customized apps are developed following specific customer requests.


Training & Certifications

Training sessions are scheduled upon the customers’ request, for any kind of computer-related activities and applications. Ranging from basic office applications’ handling, to advanced application programming and / or network deep theory, we trust that our team and our technicians, will be the best tutors for your employees, aiming to ameliorate and increase their productivity and capacity of any computer environment. Also Vessel crew personnel, may be trained on application, IT equipment and cyber security guidelines.

We Provide High-Quality Technology Solutions for the Maritime Industry & More.