About us

CompuForce ltd’s history begins in the early 90’s under the CompuService group, targeting to cover the evolving needs of the Shipping industry, including communication necessities and IT developments of that time.

Following the rapid information technology developments through these years, we provided mainly support services for ship owning companies and brokers, as well as assuring effective, reliable and secure shipping sector operations.

During the last decade and coming out of 29 years of experience, we expanded our activities in every sector of shipping, facilitating our shipping customers to fully take advantage of  every technological innovation for managing their fleet and associated operations effectively and securely.

Our technical team has also evolved and with continuous training continues to develop a broad and unprecedented expertise, covering all aspects of earth and or ship to shore Communications, advanced networking solutions and implementation of security policies, in a rapidly developing and demanding environment.

Our business target group is exclusively “The Shipping” and our belief is to remain professionals no matter the effort required.